USS Oriskany Memorial Reef, Pensacola, Florida

Zapper Wreath

Oriskany Sinking Photo Album


Here's to a bastard of a squadron, that we all agree,
Half on the shore, half on the sea,
With antique planes, and men as well,
Awaiting the day, we get out of this hell.

Oh-We're strappers by day and drinkers of grog,
Lovers at night, but Zappers by God.

We fly the AD the ancient old queen,
The god-damndest airplane you have ever seen,
She sputters and pops this outdated wench,
Till shes frapped on the hub with a nine-sixteenth

Oh-No greater pride, a man can bear,
Than to hear someone say a ZAPPER stands there.

We have quite a few Officers, a really great bunch,
But when you need a chit signed, there all out to lunch,
But they fly the AD, as you will hear,
But it takes 10 men to replace all the gear.

You'll hear of this Squadron, both far and near,
And the shouts of the men yelling for more Beer.
You'll hope and pray, You'll see them no more,
Land on your field, or darken your door.

Oh- But no greater Pride a man can bear,
Than to hear someone say "A ZAPPER STANDS THERE"

Time Stamp: Cubi Pt, May 1964, Author: Chief Crabb (ATC)